Diary of a Metal Mommy

Friday, September 30, 2005

Old Rockers

And speaking of ancient rockers-- these guys may not be old, but they are definitely old-school. What's really scary to think about is that I actually dated guys that looked like this once-upon-a-time. Duuuude!

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Fogies Unite!

Feeling sentimental, as I often do, I was thinking I needed some Madonna. I've never really been a fan, in fact, I think she has a pretty crummy voice. But there are a few songs, in spite of myself, that I wouldn't mind having. I think one is called "Secret", that I kind of like. "Like a Prayer" is kind of cool, especially when the choir kicks in. And of course "Erotic" is naughty, and naughty is good. So I found this album called GHV2that seems palatable...a few songs of hers put together as a compilation that are all in the 'radio' or techno versions. Nice.

I also came across Billy Idol in a magazine I was reading. He's come out with new album! Amazing. (I guess I'm dating myself, calling it an album, eh?!) I went onto itunes and listened to some samples, I may even buy it! I remember him from my L. A. days. I used to see him pretty often at a club called Exposeur 54, hanging out with X- Sex Pistols guitar player, Steve Jones. I have no idea what Steve Jones is like now, but back then he was pretty laughable in his long 80's rocker hair--of course that was what was 'in' back then, but it was exactly what he and his old cronies in the Sex Pistols would have made fun of. I seem to remember both he and Billy Idol were always really trashed. They seemed old to me then! I had no desire to hang with old men. Ha!

And now here's Billy Idol again, he seems to have cleaned up his act. Cool. And whilst poking around on itunes I also disovered a new Ric Ocasek album. (formerly of an 80's band, The Cars) I was just talking to Coreman this morning about how it seems that this is the day of the Old Fogies. It seems that so many old rockers are making comebacks these days, or that they just refuse go away! It seems to be the perfect time for Warbride! Ha! I think I should design Swarovski crystal encrusted Depends cod pieces, maybe I could make millions. Geriatric Rock.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

The King

That Brawny guy is totally creepy to the point where I shiver every time I see that commercial. The Burger King king, on the other hand, is so twistedly creepy that it is just cool. Have you seen the latest one where he does that victory dance after making a touchdown? It's like some sort of Riverdance jig, or something. Hilarious. (and btw, in my opinion, those victory dances are the only reason to watch football!) Don't ask me why this sick humor is more acceptable to me than the Ken-doll Brawny man. But I'd much rather have the King in my kitchen, offering me the latest BK sandwich, or baking me a cake.

Friday, September 23, 2005

I'll Bake My Own Cake, Thank You!!!

Is anyone else completely creeped out by this guy?! Every time I see this commercial I get the shivers. If I came home to this guy in my kitchen baking a cake, I would run out the door and never look back. EEEEU! I mean, I can certainly see the allure of a man wiping up his own mess (forget about the damn cake!) but this guy just makes it look dirty! (in a baaad way.) And did you notice that bulge??? It's like he needed to hide his rolling pin and shoved it down his pants. Ug. Whatever happened to the old Jack Pine Savage mustached Brawny Man, anyway? He certainly was not my type, but next to this current creepster, I'd much rather have him wiping my counters.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Devil Child!

There many things that are cute/funny/amusing/whatever that an adult can do, but when a kid does them, they're just not right. In my opinion, this is one of them. When my 9 year old daughter did it as a knee-jerk reaction to a moment of silence whilst meeting her new teacher, it was priceless. (and hers was, no less, the DOUBLE HANDED Heavy Metal Salute--even better!) Something about this toddler, though, totally gives me the creeps!!!

Monday, September 19, 2005

Embarrassing Moments

Is there anything MORE embarrassing than showing up to a party before anyone else? Yes. To have the host open the door, take one look at you and exclaim, "You're so EARLY!" Alas, this was indeed Act One, Scene One of the rock and roll party I mentioned in my previous blog entry. Luckily, I think Cory and I pulled it off all right--he brazenly drank the beers that we brought Zack for his house-warming/having a party gift, (so VERY rock and roll!) and I helped set up the food. I kept pretty busy with that, although making sure to avoid the BBQ sauce that needed to be poured into the chafing dish for the meatballs--didn't want to spill or splash on my new killer Top I found on my shopping excursion!! (Success!) On a side note--you gotta love a rock and roll guy with a chafing dish.

So despite being there about an hour and a half before anyone else made an appearance, the party was fun--as fun as a party can be when you don't really know anyone but the host. At least his friends were all very nice, and Zack does have a KILLER pad to hang out in. Plus my husband kept saying how hot I looked, so I'd say the night was still a success. :-)

Here's another Embarrassing Moment. I decided it would be hilarious to list that heart-shaped potato chip on ebay. Cory joked around about it, and I thought, hey...as I mentioned before, it ain't the Virgin Mary or the King of Rock and Roll, but someone may just be kooky enough to pay money for it. I made the price high, at $50, not expecting to really sell it, of course, but just as a hoot. Well, I'm feeling pretty clever, until Cory decides to check and finds that there are no less than FOUR heart- shaped potato chips up for auction on ebay!!!!!! Who knew?! So what started out as me being a Clever Girl has now become me being just another Kook with a heart shaped chip. But of course, mine does look the best, I have to say.

Saturday, September 17, 2005

A Potato Chip With Heart

Just my luck. I delve into a bag of Lay's potato chips, and what do I get? A chip in the shape of a heart. Granted, it's cute, but why couldn't it have been in the shape of the Virgin Mary? Or Elvis? Something that could get me some dough on ebay. (Mamma needs new boots!) Or at least one in the shape of George W's head, so I could get the pleasure of biting his head off.

Friday, September 16, 2005

Fashion Rant

Can someone please answer me this question...why, oh why is it so impossible to find the perfect article of clothing when you are looking for it?! Oh, okay, not impossible. Let me re-phrase that. Why, oh why is it so impossible to find the perfect article of clothing IN YOUR BUDGET when you are looking for it? I mean heck, I could go into Anthropologie, close my eyes and point and find the most amazing glorious thing, but I'd need to rob a bank first--and that's not going to happen. (Although, after seeing this jacket, I considered it...!) Cory and I got invited to a rock roll party given by my old beau Zackary Vex (yes to you faithful readers, the one I mentioned earlier) and what the heck am I gonna wear?! I need something that says, young-at-heart but not trying-to-look-too-young. Rock and roll, but not Tawny Kitaen. Classy, but not overly-sophisticated. Understated, yet out there. And yet, something in my budget.

My patient friend Darcie and I are heading out to shop tonight, to see if any such item exists. I am already thinking negatively, because you know how it is...it's like a man--if you are looking for it, it will elude you! And I tend to get quite obsessed, as Darcie mentioned to me after emailing her about 5 links to different photos of clothing that may or may not work. I've narrowed it down to some sort of Top. Jeans are the perfect rock and roll party wear, so that's a no-brainer. But I've got to find just the right Top. Hmmmm...

Well, I'll have to let you know what I end up in. Knowing me I won't find a damn thing and will end up grabbing some old thang out of my closet anyway. In the grand scheme of things, when there are many people out there who don't even have nice clothes or a closet to hang them in, it's such a dumb thing to rant about. But it's the way I cope with NOT having to think about those poor people. Retail Therapy!!!

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Just Plain Wrong

I am a Heavy Metal Momma, but let's hope it never comes down to this!