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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Goodbye, Blogger...

...Hello, Wordpress! I'm making a move, my friends. No, we're not moving houses again, (!) I am making a blogging move from here at Blogger to a new Wordpress blog. It's time for a change! This is the very last post here you will see. So have a drink with me as we toast a farewell to this Diary and come on over to my new pad....see you there....http://metalmommy.wordpress.com/

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Friday, September 26, 2008

Happy Birthday to my friend Kim!

It's Kim's birthday! I love what Stephanie says-- "That's so Maven!" (she is the Maven of Mischief, after all...) And Oh, the Mischief. I honestly don't know what I'd do without the magic of my Kim in my life. Unfortunately because of schedules and overall life, I don't get to see her nearly enough--but a good dose of Kim is definitely what's needed more often than not. For her birthday I thought I'd give you a nice photo album tour of my silly friend...

This may be my all-time favorite shot. It brings back an evening where I laughed so hard I thought I would pass out! The story is a bit long to re-live here but let's just say it involved a tuft of hair that Stephanie pulled surprisingly from her head after a bout with a power tool. (again, long story!) We had just finished a Feminine Hijinx episode and were already giggly...this just put us over the edge. This wad of hair ended up everywhere...and I mean EVERYWHERE. Good times my friends, good times.

Speaking of the podcast, starting that thing up eventually led to Kim and I's stint on FM107's Undiscovered Divas contest. Alas, we didn't win...but we did make it to the finals and had a one hour live show. It was both scary and exciting. Alas again, there could be only 2 of us on the show so one of the Hijinx Minxes had to stay home...both Kim and Stephanie were arguing over who WOULDN'T have to do it with me! Kim ended up being the more willing one, so there she was. She did an awesome job and I dare say we had a blast. It's fun to say we did it, anyway!

Ahh, the Which Witch party. Kim had remembered me mentioning how much I used to love this game as a kid and how excited I was when I finally remembered what it was called! She surprised me with the game that she had found on ebay for my 40th birthday. She and Stephanie had quite the ruse going, making me believe we were heading out for a night on the town and instead ended up at Kim's for a game night. Woo hoo! Yummy comfort/game food prepared by Steph, decorations, and two not-so-willing but very generous friends playing not one but two games with me. Now THAT'S friendship.

And this is what happens after a night of games and drink and Kim. Come to think of it, this was another bit of hair that ended up EVERYWHERE. huh.

After an afternoon or evening tipping back a few beers or glasses of wine, you can expect Kim to start up on her dirty dancing. No one puts this Baby in the corner!!

I will leave you with this image of Kim and I walking the streets of New York City (the most fabulous and memorable trip with she and Stephanie!) with our hands on each other's tushies. Just some more of the Maven's mischief--there is never a dull moment when she's around!

So Happy, Happy Birthday to Kim! May the Mischief be with you!!!

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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Goodbye, Retirement!

Announcement! Now I am not only a Metal Mommy, but a Hot Mama. Before you start thinking, "man, this girl is totally full of herself!" realize I'm talking about the fact that I am a newly employed person at the fancy-schmancy boutique store called Hot Mama! Oh wait, not just an employee...but a stylist!! How cool is that??

And how did this all come to be, you are wondering? Well, I'll tell you. After 2 years of trying to break into talk radio and dabbling in other artsy things I started to realize that kind of thing is just not going to happen on my time line. Being home during the school year all day long without the kids, I needed some new motivation. And when it comes right down to it, we could use the extra money! Silpada is a wonderful thing and I make great money at it...but any direct sales business is never a sure thing, never on a schedule. We needed the extra we could count on. Like everyone else in the country right now, we're feeling the pinch. (and our kids aren't getting any younger...which means they are needing more and more of our money!)

So now I am out of retirement. I have to tell you, the idea of this didn't come easy. When I really decided it was time to start checking Craig's List and the classifieds for jobs I just got more and more depressed. How can a Metal Mommy fit into the work world after she's been out of it so long? A Metal Mommy with years of life experience behind her--hey, one never knows what kinds of useful skills singing in a rock band can produce--but not a lot that looks good on paper. Certainly not in the--dare I say it--corporate world. It's embarrassing to admit, but I certainly got myself into a mourning period--not so embarrassing to admit to realizing it's a new chapter in life and means the children really are growing up (sniff!)--but I am ashamed to admit that darn it all, I just didn't want to work. Most people in this world have to work day in and day out at a job they may not love, but it pays the bills. What makes me any different? Absolutely nothing, but I still had to have a pity party about it for a day or so. Then I brushed myself off and realized that at least I could start by hitting places that I would find fun places to be, and go from there. I let the ads hiring secretaries in mortgage offices glide right down the computer screen, hoping it wasn't going to come to that.

My first stop was Patina. I am a big fan of this place. My heart literally skips a beat when I walk in there, it is chock-full of lovely little tchotchkes that I want to call my own. And jewelry. And purses. And things that smell good. A woman's paradise, really. I knew any retail job wouldn't pay much, but I figured I could start there and try to see if eventually there was a possibility to move up into other things...such as display, merchandising, that sort of thing. When I walked into the store to meet the manager I felt positively ancient, as she was about half my age. We set up an interview for the next day and my spirits did lift a bit as I arrived then to see a woman who could share my birth year behind the counter. Whew. The interview went very well and I was offered a job on the spot. I have to say I was surprised to find myself feeling excited as I left. I went in worrying I would feel the growing dread of retail drudgery, but instead I felt inspired. And let's face it, it was just nice to be wanted.

I didn't accept the position right away because I knew I wanted to stop into Hot Mama on my way home and see if they were hiring. I've only been in this store a few times but I really love everything about it. I could point to any article of clothing in there and want it. Or purse. Or shoe. (okay, maybe not the maternity clothes they sell...please not those!) They have a little space set up in the middle of the store that is a play area for bored kids who are dragged to the store with their mommies. Just like the name implies, it totally caters to moms. To make a long story short I eventually got an interview with the manager there. Although I had left Patina feeling pretty good, I left Hot Mama knowing this was the place for me. I can tell it will be an exciting company to work for--and darn if I have to wear some of the clothes as a stylist. ! The hardest part about being there will be not spending my entire paycheck!!!

Since I'll be on the schedule in October, I will cherish this last week of September. This last time period of scheduling errands and coffees with friends or pap smears with my doc any time I please. Of course I'm only working part time so it's not like I won't still have some days, but it is definitely the end of an era for me. And the beginning of a new one!

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Friday, September 19, 2008

I Made It!

Last night I found myself driving over the new 35W bridge. It's very bizarre, considering other than being horrified at the news when it came crashing down unexpectedly one year ago, it really didn't effect my life that much simply because I rarely have a reason to use it and thankfully I didn't know anyone that went down with it. Well, last night's Silpada party brought me over to that side of town, and all of a sudden, there I was. I came over the bend and realized as I approached the wavy monolith-type memorial thing that I was indeed driving on hallowed ground. They have that memorial on both sides of the bridge as you are coming on and going off. Something weird came over me and before I even knew it I was crossing myself as I left the bridge behind! And I'm not even catholic! When I went back over it later that night the memorials were lit up a ghostly blue--it was quite the sight, I have to say. Definitely makes you think. Vivian was worried when she heard I was taking that route, but I wasn't--heck, I figure it couldn't be any safer than it is the day it was rebuilt!!

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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Through Foggy Contact Lenses

Whew--if I can see through these foggy contact lenses I'll try to manage a post here...contacts don't fare too well when a person is constantly tearing up in them. Today was Jim Nisser's funeral, and who am I kidding? I was not just tearing up, I was bawling. I certainly was not alone, my friends, I don't think there was a dry eye in the house. Pastor Tim is an amazing man--heck, he's kept me at church for about 12 years now, that is no small feat!--and his sermon could not have captured Jim any better. Just check out the lastest blog post he wrote for Wooddale's web site, his sermon today was very much like this. After the service we all drove over to the Minikahda Club, the country club that Jim had worked at for so long. Listening to the general manager's eulogy and taking part in the amazing and delicious brunch he so graciously provided for all of us in Jim's honor made me realize that everyone there was definitely Jim's family as well. What a lovely place!

I liken Jim to a Hobbit. I know what you all are thinking, and I can't say I blame you...anyone who knows me knows I am completely obsessed with Lord of the Rings and will look for it in everything...but truly, it hit me today, witnessing the number of lives that he has touched--a Hobbit is the perfect way to describe him. A Hobbit is
humble, and Jim was the epitome of humility. A Hobbit is simple and gets joy from the simple things in life. Jim didn't drive a fancy car or wear fancy clothes. He worked an everyday job doing things most people wouldn't want to do like washing dishes and cleaning up, and his first love was baseball. Just look at ol' Samwise Gamgee and you know that a Hobbit is a good and trusting friend. Jim was everyone's friend. He had a smile for everyone, all the time. A Hobbit will sacrifice whatever they need to to do the right thing. Simply put, Jim served everyone and never complained. A Hobbit changed the world. Jim may not have changed the entire world, but I dare say that he has effected every life that he has touched. Tim mentioned today that even people who didn't know him at all had written in saying how touched they were at his story, that they could tell he was what the world should be. Jim didn't run a multi-million dollar company, he didn't adopt starving children or play major league baseball. But he made us see how the little things in life that are done with grace and humility are so powerful and touching and can have a profound effect on us all--maybe in a small way, he did change the world...even if just for a short time.

Im so proud to say I was Jim's friend! What a great loss. Now today, it's time to take out these annoying contact lenses, don the glasses and get on with life. Thanks to all of you out there who are in my life. It's always things like this that make you really appreciate what you have.

OK! I promise the next blog post won't be so darn depressing! I'd better get back to shoe shopping or something...!!!

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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Remembering Jim

What can you possibly say when you're getting ready to start your day just like any other and you get the news that a dear friend has been killed early that morning? I'm sure as Jim Nisser got ready to ride his bicycle into work at the Minnekahda Club, just as he did every early morning for 46 years, he had no idea that this was his last day here. Jim was not only hit by a car, but the driver had the audacity to drag him around a bit and then flee the scene. I know we all have to go sometime, and for Jim it's a bit fitting that he ends his life on the bike that he rode everywhere, but this was not the way for this dear man to go.

Jim was 65 years old, but he sure didn't look it. He didn't act it either--he was forever young. At my church, Jim was there before everyone and left after everyone, always the person to clean up and always did so with a joke and a smile. I never heard Jim complain about anything. He was always so generous with a kind word or a helping hand, and often remembered the kids' birthdays with a little gift. A lover of cars just like Sullivan, sometimes he'd show up with a car from his collection for Sully just because.

I remember when the nursery school was just starting up at the church and they needed to do a fundraiser party to get things going. Sullivan was attending, so I chipped in to help. It was my duty to make and serve sno-cones, and this was not an easy task for one person! Before I knew it, Jim was by my side and we were laughing and having a great time. He had nothing to do with the preschool at all, but there he was.

Church will feel very empty now without Jim, I have to say. I think many of us will feel an empty spot in our hearts. The world needs more people like Jim, that's for sure. Cory had taken this photo of him not long ago, and our friend Rosemarie said the most poignant thing... she was glad to see this last picture of Jim, because it was a rare thing to see him sitting and relaxing with a cup of coffee...he was usually serving everyone else.


Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Out Like a Lion

Well, summer definitely went out like a lion...a fun holiday weekend to be had and a very hot temp for the first day of September, which of course seems so strange since September just sounds so 'fall'.It started out on Friday with a birthday celebration for me...yes, Metal Mommy is another year older (and of course deeper in debt...I'm in America, aren't I??). It was the 42nd one, sort of a blah birthday. Although 42 definitely means you are IN your forties, not just hovering around it anymore. Vivian made me a lovely cake--she did pretty well with only yellow food coloring, random frosting tubes and a few candles. In her usual clever (and thoughtful!) manner instead of putting 42 candles on the cake she put four and then the number 2 candle. Yes, I blew them all out in one puff...of course knowing me with all of my hot air I probably could have managed 42 of them!! The only thing I really wanted was Godfather's pizza for my special meal...it's a memory thing, Godfathers was the pizza place I went to after every football game and fun event in junior high and high school. It was a nice gift indeed, considering Coreman had to drive a bit to get it, there isn't a restaurant very close by. The pizza was a bit cool by the time we got it home, but definitely worth it. Yum! I don't know if it's especially good pizza or just the association...but no matter! It's a pizza I can't refuse!

Over the weekend we got invited to Mark and Dawn's house to celebrate the end of summer with yet another lovely BBQ. Friends of theirs have a Sullivan too...a girl one! :-) I've heard a lot about them, so it was fun to finally meet them and have the Sullivans play. They were pretty much inseparable--my Sully was in the pool from 2:00 when we arrived until 9:00 when we left. Check out those pruney feet! Imagine if the Sullivans married? Sullivan and Sullivan. Sounds like a law firm.

And last night, an impromptu BBQ here with our friends Darcie, Dan, Elliot and Q. Here are the big boys talking gadgets, as always. Too bad I didn't get photos of the kids downstairs doing their 'band'--Elliot on drums, Sullivan guitar (a blow-up one, that is...) and Quinton on microphone. Luckily we did get some movie footage...good stuff. They were jamming along to "Smells Like Teen Spirit", by Nirvana. Makes a Metal Mommy proud...*sniff*...

And another *sniff*--off to school the kids went today! I am crying both in sadness and joy. Sadness of course because the summer is gone and you can't get those days back...my children are on to
another school year. Joy because the summer is gone and that means FREEDOM for Mommy! Although I will miss sleeping in, there is definitely something to be said for my very own schedule for a few hours a day. ahhhh.

Happy Back to School everyone!

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