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Thursday, February 21, 2008

A Birthday in the States

Happy Birthday to my friend Dan! The husband of my lovely friend Darcie, Dan has now joined us in the 40 demographic. It was quite a treat that we got to celebrate together--considering that Darcie and family are all supposed to be living temporarily in London right now. It's a long and crazy story as to how they ended up here, but basically my poor friend Darcie was stranded in Paris on a little vaca and couldn't get back to her family in England. Because of a screw-up with their visas, they all had to immediately come back to the states. I know it doesn't sound too rough to be stuck in gay Paris, but believe you me, it was not fun for her.

I feel very badly that they had to go through all of this, but on the other hand as I said to Dan because he got refused and old we all got to benefit by gathering at Chino Latino for an impromptu birthday dinner. It was a fun group of people, all people I've met and enjoyed over at Darcie and Dan's at some point. And get a load of that baby--his name is Crew, can't you stand it??--he was practically my little appetizer, I could have eaten him right up.

We all shared food and it was pretty good, but the best part about Chino is definitely the fun atmosphere--old suburban me feeling like I'm actually at a hip place for a change. And you've gotta love the tshirts that the employees run around in...one saying, "Wanna Bangkok?" and, "Ah, Phuket" ! All I could think of was bringing my kids in there and how their little eyes would light up with the naughtiness of it all. (I know, it's apparent I'm a parent.) Of course Sullivan wouldn't even get that Phuket could be mispronounced as a naughty word...he'd just be like, "oh, that's an island off of Thailand!" and then proceed to show me exactly where it is on the globe.

Tonight, more adult fun with Stephanie and John coming over for a raclette dinner. Not exactly gourmet food, but you can't go wrong with potatoes, ham and melted cheese. yum.

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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

They're Baaaack....

Well, there they are again. Those greys. A while ago I posted about how I was embracing those grey hairs that were becoming quite prolific there on top of my head, and indeed I was...until I saw someone's beautiful shiny head of hair and decided that I needed that dark color--and a few streaks of gold and red, as well. I can honestly say covering the greys was not part of the agenda, it just came along with the coloring package--but I will also admit it was nice not to have to inspect my head every day for that wiley grey with disturbingly pubic-like qualities that would bend it's way up to the sky like a crazy antenna.

But this morning, alas, there those boogers are again. Ah well, at least these puppies are growing in straight, so I'm not going to bother them. Hey, if I could snap my fingers and have that gorgeous silvery grey hair overnight I'd be so THERE. I guess my dark brown, gold, red and grey hair will look good with my new glasses. Yup, after following the Coreman into Lenscrafters with his glasses saga--he can tell you that one himself!--I of course decided I myself needed a new pair. The ones I have were cool about 10 years ago. Frankly I wasn't sure if I even wanted to spend the money on glasses since the only time I wear them is right before bed and right when I get up. But it is nice to have a pair that you can throw on if you just don't want to deal with your contact lenses, you had a good cry and you don't want to put your contacts in, or you just want to accessorize. It also helps that my brother-in-law owns some of the Lenscrafters doctor's offices, so I get a good deal. Nice!

I decided to become totally funkified and went for these cool Vogue frames in bright blue, with the inside being a lime green. ! In the past my glasses selection had always been something a bit more tame, at least in color--something that would go with everything and be a bit more neutral. But now? Nope, I'm 40 (+--eeek!) and I'm going for the obnoxious ones. I was also looking at a clear frame, I think those are pretty cool--but the stranger who became my best friend of the moment and fashion consultant at Lenscrafers made the comment, "I've never been a fan of clear. If you're gonna get glasses, why try to hide 'em?" Wise words indeed, so I went for the bold statement. Being that I don't have them yet--so much for Lenscrafters getting them done in an hour, eh??--you'll have to settle for a photo of the same frame in pink. (which was cool too, and quite frankly I'm a little surprised I didn't go for the pink...but blue goes with more...) So there it is.

I ran into beloved Nordstrom to check out a perfume that I had read about and came home with 2 samples (that they made for me, of course...!) ...The Beat, by Burberry, and Au The Blanc, by Bvlgari. I always love trying new perfumes, especially with spring around the corner. Of course I'm still loving my Annick Goutal's Petite Cherie, and Dytique's Do Son. It's funny how as I age, my taste in scent does too. No longer do I go for the heavy vanilla-y amber-y laden scents I used to. (although it is funny how Au The Blanc does have a touch of amber in it...not surprising!)

I almost pulled a Carrie Bradshaw in the Nordstrom shoe department, buying a pair on a total whim that I drooled over on their web site. I would have, too, if I hadn't just scored some other great shoes at DSW. Oh my though, these shoes are to die for. The Kill, as Steph would say--or maybe The Lick?? ;-) Wouldn't you agree??? Sex-Y with a capital Y. And actually pretty comfortable considering the 3 inch heel, with no platform in front. I don't know, another Silpada party or two and I may have to get 'em. At least now I have a real reason to get fun and funky clothes and shoes--my parties! That's reason enough for you stay-at-homes to do my business--you have a great excuse to buy party clothes! :-)

OK, enough of my shopping rave. Look at me--this started out about my grey hairs and quickly turned to shopping and coveting pretty things. Must be the spring tease right around the corner--doesn't it just make you want to go out and get some fresh new things?

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Monday, February 18, 2008

Rockin' and a-Lovin'

Check out my little rockin' dude...who knew an empty Kleenex box could be so much fun? Take out the plastic from around the hole, wind a few rubber bands around it, stick on a cardboard neck...you've got a one-man-band. Cheap entertainment, and that's a good thing. And entertainment for Metal Mommy, fo sho, watching her little pumpkin rock and roll with a little air guitar. .. especially in her old 'Charm School Dropouts' leather jacket from back in the day. I don't have much from back then, but I did save my leather. Hmmm, maybe I oughta break that puppy out again?

Hope you all had a great Valentine's Day. Things were lovely here, quiet and sweet. Some beautiful spring-like tulips, sappy tear-inducing homemade cards from the kids, and a family movie in the evening. My kinda holiday. Of course every day is a love-fest around here! How lucky am I??

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