Diary of a Metal Mommy

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Colder Than a Witch's You Know What!

Just what does a person do with themselves when it is this butt cold outside??? Well, this Metal Mommy braves the cold anyway as the hearty Minnesotan she is. (okay, not exactly hearty...I'm in and out as quick as I can be, that's for darn sure.) She soldiers on selling her wares at Silpada parties, shopping (but of course!) and making comfort food like creamy homemade macaroni and cheese.

I have had 4 Silpada parties in the past 6 days--whew! It's been busy, and fun. I do love my job. Where else could a girl make ridiculously easy money, small talk it to death, laugh and giggle with both friends and new women she meets, and try on fabulous jewels?? I often wonder why everyone doesn't want to do this. I guess there ARE people out there who cringe at the very thought of every one of those points...well, except making easy money of course. Hard to believe.

I'm already itching for spring and the retailers know it. Why else would they be selling short sleeved shirts, shorts and sandals when it's -13 outside with no hope for a decent thaw for at least 2-3 months??? They suckered me right into Banana Republic to buy a fabulous lavender oh-so-spring-like jersey dress...that I've already worn even, black boots and all. Metal! Black boots and a lavender dress, black boots being oh-so-metal on their own, of course, but also the sheer paradox of it all. Then at DSW I bought some crazy-fab shoes that--alas--I WILL have to wait for spring to wear. Metallic silver faux snake-skin loafers with a white wedge heel. Another paradox, for sure! As soon as I finish this sentence I'm think I'm just going to have to make the heavy metal salute.

Nothing says home and comfort like macaroni and cheese. I have nothing against the Kraft kind, mind you, I've been known to eat some in a pinch....but I'm talking about the REAL stuff--which honestly with the Velveeta cheese I use isn't much more un-processed than the processed kind, for sure...but I was feeling a bit adventurous and did add my own flair by making the sauce half Velveeta/ half Havarti. Another paradox!!! I do believe I made myself some Metal Macaroni and Cheese! nice. I just whipped up a little roux with butter and flour, then added the milk, cubed Velveeta and cubed Havarti. That's it my friends, very easy, very creamy and will totally give you that satisfying lump in your stomach. Just remember to eat your apricots. (and Steph, aren't you proud of me and my roux???)

Unfortunately since my braving the arctic elements really only consists of dashing in and out of a heated car, store or home, I won't be getting out and working OFF that Metal Mac and Cheese any time soon. Just storing a little extra for the winter, I guess--and I'll need it, didn't Punxsutawney say we're getting some extra? Dang.

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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Goodbye, Heath...

I wonder how many blog posts are featuring Heath Ledger right about now? Well, here is yet another one--at a time like this who cares about originality?! It's so bizarre...it's not like I ever even met the guy but for some reason the news of his death totally depressed me and I feel like I've lost an old friend.

I'm sure most people think about him as the 'gay cowboy' in Brokeback Mountain...understandably, that was quite a role and he pulled it off flawlessly. Whenever I hear his name, however, A Knight's Tale is brought to my mind--a movie that came out in 2001. I don't think it did very well in the box office, but slowly became sort of an underground classic. It's a great love story melding medieval knights and jousting (yes!) with current fashion and music--totally cool! Very romantic, funny, and Heath Ledger is downright adorable in it. (heck, the movie has a character that is supposed to be the great classic author Geoffrey Chaucer...how can you go wrong with that?!) I have to say it's one of my faves, one that I often will pull down and watch when I'm in the mood for lighthearted fun. Now I will always watch it with a bit of melancholy for old Heath. :-(

It's so odd...why do we care so much to lose someone we don't even know?? Just because he is a celebrity? Although I will admit, the news of young actor Brad Renfro passing just last week did not hit me hard. There was something really cool about Mr. Ledger, something that I think any of us who feel sad about his passing must just know somehow. He seemed more down-to-earth than most, seemed to have his head on straight (I could make a Brokeback joke here, but I should probably keep this post to it's serious tone..) obviously full of promise. I'm sure when anyone young and promising dies unexpectedly it's another cold splash of reality hitting us all in the face...if Beautiful Talented Celebrities aren't immune to old Grim Reaper, than we most certainly are not. shiver.

And so it goes. RIP, Heath! A quote from Prince Edward to William, Heath Ledger's character in A Knight's Tale: "Your men love you. If I knew nothing else about you, that would be enough."

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Monday, January 14, 2008

Always Fresh Once Again!

It's about darn time! It felt good to get another Feminine Hijinx podcast done once again--we goils had been on one long haitus, considering it had been 6 whole months since our last one! A lot has happened since then, of course...first it was summer traveling and general busy-ness, then my whole move thing, school starting, the holidays...and now here we are, the new year and I'm gettin' some hijinx in with my peeps once again.

We started out the evening by celebrating Stephanie's 41st birthday at Sweeney's in Saint Paul. Nothing like a brewski and bar food to get a night rolling--and we ladies can be as loud as we want/need to in a rowdy bar! (although according to Stephanie she could STILL hear my laugh from the bathroom stall...yeah!) From there we came back here to our set-up in the living room. At the old house we podcasted from the 'naughty pine' downstairs...but what to call our new living room space? Kim ran with the vaulted ceiling thing giving it the moniker of the Vaginal Vault. Stephanie came up with the Virginal Vault, although after popping the podcast cherry last night I guess it can't be called that. Maybe it will just be shortened to The Vault, although the sunny open room that looks out over the street hardly seems vault-like. hmmm, I guess it's one of those things that will just have to come to us one of these days. (I see where you are going with that! Naughty!)

Regardless, it felt good to be back at it again...although I have to say I did feel a bit rusty. The girls and I thought that maybe we talked it to death too much at the bar before we got back here, that could very well be. In listening to it though, I feel pretty good about the turn-out. We've still got it... IT being the gab, the naughty talk and of course the never-ending laughs. Works for me! Who cares if I'm the only one who listens?!

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Saturday, January 05, 2008

Holy Eggs, Batman!

So I'm innocently cookin' up some eggs the other morning and a piece drops down onto the burner. I look down and...aaaahh!
(sung in a high full vibrato operatic voice) an angel! Do you think it's a sign? A message from heaven? Hmmmm. Maybe it's just a sign that if I eat too many fried eggs they will end up on my thighs. But heck, a serving of these eggs and some holy toast (I received the stamper for Christmas from my 11 year old daughter...does she know me, or what?!) and I could be onto something. Or not.

On a totally different note, Happy Birthday to my dear and Fabulous friend Stephanie!

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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

More Celebrating

Happy New Year, one and all! I hope you all have enjoyed your holiday celebrations....I sure have! It's been the perfect mix of relaxation and fun, friends and family. I am behind in my blog-posting, there have been many fun days worth typing about but alas, not a lot of time to spend writing about it. Or I DO write a long post and then get so frustrated that my photos won't upload that I just pass. This post will be mostly photos, let's hope it works!

Any New Year's Resolutions for y'all? I've never gotten into that, I have to say. I refuse to deny myself anything, and most resolutions are usually about giving up something that's bad for you. (I don't do Lent, either.) I'd love to hear yours if you have some!

OK, here is A Very Metal Holiday, by Suz:

Steph and I's last coffee date, where she gave me the most fabulous of all egocentric Christmas gifts...a Juicy Couture bracelet that has it's name on one side--but of course!--and none other than 'Her Majesty' on the other. OMG, Fabulous. In my not-so-humble opinion, every woman should loudly declare her royal status. How very Metal!!

Here we are at Stephanie's house, enjoying a lovely Ladies Brunch. As she always does whenever I'm over there, Stephanie spoiled us with amazing food and her most gracious hostess-ness. One of The Best ways to spend an afternoon...great food with great women. (especially when someone else is cooking it for you...Her Metal Majesty definitely approves..!)

Christmas Eve was so nice...going to the Christmas Eve service as good Lutherans do and then coming back here for some serious present opening. I will say I'm pretty sure we all got what we wanted...especially me, my big gift from my ever-luvin' being an incredible sparkly blingy oh-so-me pink tourmaline, diamond and rose gold ring. wow.

A lovely Christmas dinner with friends and family. Dinner, gift exchange, a girl's card Bingo and a Men's Bowling game on the new Wii that Santa brought....fun had by all!

As you know, holidays are all about spending time with family and friends...and it was quite nice to spend a morning with my friend Darcie and her two sweet boys, in town from their year-long stay in London!

New Year's Eve found us at Stephanie's sister Stacey's incredible home, quietly partying it up with her friends and family. How lucky are we to be included in such company??

We spent the first day of 2008 over at Mark and Dawn's house warming up on a cold cold day with some fabulous chili. Four different kinds, to be exact! (my personal fave was a Vegetarian one that included cashews and raisins...sounds strange I know, but to die for...definitely a recipe I will get!) Another day spent with great people and food, even a little dancing to "Laura" by the Scissor Sisters...why have I not heard of this band?! Great disco-dance/sometimes bluesy/glam rock music with in your face lyrics such as "you can't see tits on the radio...". METAL!

Hallelujah, successful photo posting! Here's to 2008!!

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